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Please read our terms and conditions before submitting this form.  Once submitted we will assess the space and care needs required and whether we can meet them.  We do not board animals in vivariums that are not suitable for either the size or the nature of the animal.  As soon as the assessment is complete and if we are able to accommodate your needs we contact you to confirm booking and to request the deposit.

You will be asked to sign this form when you drop off your animal(s) to state that you have read and accepted our terms and conditions and that all the information you have provided is true to the best of you knowledge.

Payment may be made in full at the time of booking but this is not mandatory.  Any outstanding balances are due at collection of your animal(s) and you will be issued with a Sales Invoice as a receipt for your records.  All deposits are non refundable unless covered by any provision within the terms and conditions.

In the unlikely event your pet needs vet care we will use a local Exotics Vet Practice 'Wendover Heights'. You may provide details of your own vet if it is within practical distance of our place of business.  Please tell us if your pet has a health condition and is receiving vet care so we act accordingly should the need arise.


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