Reptile Boarding

We have 40 vivariums, in a full range of sizes to ensure your pets are boarded with the care comfort and space they need.  We aim to accommodate any special requirements or needs your pet may have, such as regular handling to help taming, hand feeding due to health or age related problems.

See some of the reptiles recently boarded with us on the home page link and our facebook page.

Lizard Vivariums

Our lizard vivariums contain the Arcadia or Exo-Terra U.V.  lighting (2, 5 or 10% output subject to species) All heating is thermostatically controlled and fully guarded using reflector or ceramic type heat lamps.
Water bowls are always provided and are large enough for bathing where required. 

The vivarium 'environment' will be set up and kitted out with accessories for your particular species. We have a vast range of climbing wood and rocks, basking rocks, hiding dens, tunnels, artificial plants etc and we ensure your pet is able to feel safe and stimulated whilst with us

Snake Vivariums

Our snake vivariums contain  thermostatically controlled fully guarded heat lamps and heat mats.

They are all fitted with fluorescent lighting at 2% U.V. (natural daylight) Most of our vivariums are designed to be adaptable to most reptile species, which gives us greater flexibility in offering available boarding spaces.

Water bowls are always provided and large enough for bathing. as well as hides, branches and climbing / basking decor.

We do not use RUBS for boarding as part of our voluntary compliance with the Animal Welfare Act 2018.

Turtle Tanks

All our turtle tanks use filters and heating with above tank U.V. lighting and a basking / resting area.

These are also suitable for some amphibians please enquire for more information.

We have a large outdoor water feature pool for large and/or adult turtles during the summer months - suitable for turtles used to being outdoors. 


All indoor boarding vivariums have 5% uv lighting and thermostatically controlled heat lamps with guards. We use Habistat Repti-Turf grass pellets for substrate unless customers request otherwise. Please advise when completing the enquiry form any specific requests.


For baby and small tortoises we use / offer – 1.5ft to 3ft Vivariums
For larger Tortoises we have – 4ft 6ft and an 8ft Vivariums, part artificial grass / grass pellet substrate. 

We feed a wide range of salad / vegetable items varied according to species. Fresh dandelions are also usually available / offered.
In Summer Months – we have outdoor pens with natural shade and dry shelter where your tortoise can roam free during the day and is locked away during the night.  Suitable for medium and large tortoises.  Outdoor pen use is subject to seasonal temperatures and species requirements.
Medium to large tortoises will usually be boarded outdoors as above, unless customers have requested indoor spaces.

We are not currently able to accommodate boarding for giant tortoises.

Photo / Video Updates

We are happy to send photos or video of your pets while they are staying with us. Please send a text or email during boarding so we can let you know how they are or send photos etc.


A full range of live or frozen food is included in the boarding price. Special diets can be accommodated by arrangement or request. We can usually supply food after boarding when you collect your pet so you have enough to feed until you can visit your usual supplier.

Medication / Health Issues

We can administer medications, for a small fee, if agreed with us at the time of booking. Any medications must be supplied by the owners along with information about the animals health and condition.

We have a local specialist exotics Vet should their services be required. We will also contact the animal owner where possible to advise health status / treatment requirements.   

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