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Welcome to Terrick Terrariums. I'm Paul and I started out keeping Common Boa's and King Snakes in the 1990's, in my twenties. Over the last 25+ years, I have kept a variety of reptiles, including Frilled Lizards, Panther Chameleons, Bearded Dragons and Chinese Water Dragons. 

My own reptiles are - Mangrove, Quince, Green Tree and Bosc Monitor Lizards;  Red Foot Tortoises a Monkey Tailed Skink. I custom build most of my own vivariums. My Mangrove & Quince monitor lizards reside in the boarding area and fascinate most of our customers.

All our traditional wood / glass vivariums for boarding are built to a high standard and were originally custom built for the largest reptile pet shop in York. They were completely overhauled and fitted with a custom built heating and lighting electrical control system and modern heat and light fittings. All glass doors are made from toughened safety glass. We also have Exo-Terra class enclosures with heat / light canopies.

Our priority is your pet's well-being whilst in our care. Most of our vivariums are designed to be species interchangeable to offer the best enclosure we can for your reptiles. We can change the interior accessories of all of our enclosures according to species being boarded at the time to simulate where  possible their natural habitats. 

We use schedule K from DEFRA as best practice, which is the reptile licensing requirements for pet shops to be licensed under the Animals Welfare Act 2018.. All animals placed in our care will have freedom from:


       1. Fear and Distress

       2. Hunger and Thirst

       3. Discomfort

       4. Pain, Injury and Disease

       5. Not able to express normal behaviours


We do not currently have facilities to care for:

  • Adult Green Iguanas

  • Adult Nile Monitors

  • Anacondas

  • Adult Burmese Pythons

  • Reticulated Pythons

  • Snapping Turtles

  • River or Marine Turtles

  • Sugar Gliders

  • Arachnids

  • Cats

  • Dogs

  • Rabbits

  • Guinea Pigs

Terrick Terrariums Ltd

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Stoke Mandeville


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