Boarding Terms and Conditions



  • An enquiry form must be completed before any bookings can be confirmed.

  • You must provide accurate information about your pet(s) so that we can assess availability of suitable enclosure(s).

  • Bookings will only be confirmed once we have contacted you to agree we can accommodate your requirements and a deposit payment has been received.

  • Online bookings are not currently available. Completion of an enquiry form is not confirmation of availability or booking.

  • Special requests: e.g. pick up and collection for less able customers may be able to be accommodated within reasonable distances - enquires should be be phone or via the contact us form.



  • Sharing is only available for animals that cohabit when in your care.

  • Where necessary we reserve the right to split animals boarded together necessary to avoid injury. This is rare but should this happen we will contact you to tell you. Fees are charged at the normal day rates should this occur and are payable upon collection of your pet.

  • Fees for 3 or more animals sharing vary and must be agreed with us in advance.



  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

  • Payment in full can be made at the time of booking if you choose.

  • Outstanding balances (including any other incurred costs) are due upon collection of your pet.

  • Available payment methods are listed on the website. 

  • Payment and Deposits are preferred to be paid by bank transfer (details on invoice) debit or credit card however, electronic payments, cheques and cash are accepted.

  • Cheques, must be guaranteed with card details and must clear before your booking can be confirmed.


  • Services - Requests for vivarium services via the enquiry form will be followed up with a call and a quote will be provided before any work is undertaken.

  • Deposits will be requested where items are procured for a particular customisation and the customer is liable for the full cost of equipment in the event of cancellation or change of mind. 

  • Measurements - mistakes in measurements are at the customers risk if we have not seen or measured vivariums for ourselves.

  • Other services - small fees will be charged for pick up and collection of vivariums as agreed in the estimates.

Late Collection Fees

  • You must notify us as soon as possible if you are delayed. If we can 

  • Late fees will be charged at double the single animal day rate for each animal boarding if you do not tell us in advance of a delay to collection. Normal single animal day rates apply if you contact us and we agree terms. 


Abandoned Animals

  • Pets will be considered abandoned 7 days after the due collection date if there has been no communication to the contrary.

  • We reserve the right to charge your debit/credit card for 31 days at the standard day rate to cover costs of rehoming. Any equipment abandoned will sold or donated in the process.

  • If you need to rehome, please be responsible and contact any of the charities, sanctuaries or pet shops that offer this service. You may also phone or email us for advice.


Vet Costs

  • Should your animal(s) display signs of sickness or injury and needs vet care you agree to cover all incurred costs for consultation, medication and treatment. We will contact you if requested. Costs will be added to the balance due at collection of your animal(s).

  • If it becomes apparent your pet has an infestation, we reserve the right to treat the animal for its own benefit and to prevent spread/infection to other animals in our care. Costs will be added to the balance due at collection.


Death of your animal

  • If your pet sadly dies unexpectedly whilst in our care we will inform you as soon as possible.

  • Pets are boarded with us at the owner’s risk and we do not accept any liability for animals that die whilst in our care or immediately after returning home.


  • Should you wish to cancel your booking please advise us as soon as possible by phone or email.

  • Cancellations with less than 14 days notice will incur the fee of the booking deposit.

  • Bookings of 2 weeks or more may be entitled to a partial refund of the booking deposit, subject to the 7 days notice prior to the start date of the entire booking.

  • If you need to cancel but still wish to board at a later date, we may issue a credit note rather than retail the deposit. This will be dependent on circumstances. Please inform us immediately so we can try to help.

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