Vivarium Customisation Services

We offer a range of bespoke vivarium customisations. From very basic installation of necessary equipment for your pet to be comfortable and healthy to the most pampered extravagant reptile pad around. 

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That extra touch your reptiles deserve...

Cork Lining Vivariums

High quality backgrounds are available. We can supply real cork bark tiles that are fitted onto compressed fine cork board backing, so they fit flat to the vivarium sides. This type of cork is suitable for all Monitor, Skink and Dragon type reptiles, as well as many others and small mammals. The bark will stand the sharpest of claws and is hard wearing.


Interior Design

Advice or fully fitted out interiors to suit your reptiles requirements, including supply of all materials.

Heating, Lighting & Humidity Control

Installation or Repair Service for all vivarium heating and lighting.

As a qualified Electrical Engineer for a large utilities company, I have many years experience with a wide range of installation and repair of electrical equipment.

All heat and light fittings are installed in accordance with manufacturers instructions, as supplied by yourselves or us and meet U.K. and E.U safety standards.


Want to discuss a project - email us or use the quick contact form on the home page and we will contact you to help you plan it 

Recent Vivarium Projects 2018

Two recent vivarium projects we have completed.

A customer requested conversion of an old corner cabinet to compliment existing home furnishings, with the before and after pictures. Cork lined interior with heating, lighting and artificial plants.

A New 8 ft vivarium fitted out for an argentine Tegu. Day and night heating system. live and artificial plants.

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